Half of the World

I feel sorry that I cannot sing as the stars do
I feel sorry that I cannot be silenced as the stars do

to see you as the star wherever I go
because you are a star
to see me as a star wherever I may go
although I am not a star

(translated by Fadil Bajraj)

The Energy of Poetry

the world needs
another world

the rays of distant stars
a way for the heart of origin
words floating through the oceans
searching the colony of art

is it a blaze of the sea
or a mist hiding the truth
the universe needs
another vers

(translated by Fadil Bajraj)

Time of the Heart

Penelope loved Odysseus so much
she waited for him 20 years

a step she didn’t take
after him

neither did I dive
into the Heraclitus river
nor did you swim to the shore

a corpless bird
on a branch at Eden is tree
sings in absolute silence
out our forever never again

but once
one time
you were everything

let Heraclitus be right
but Penelopes is arguments
have been proved straight from
the Olympus parliament

Odysseus still has
faith in Homer

(translated by Nik Leshai)

The Miracle Being Alive

in Prishtina streets
I studied fear
While being chased by police
I called on America

when I saw flowers
near tanks sprouting
I cursed Europe
prayed for Albania

for the friends I had then
I’m conquered by nostalgia
No, we did not perform miracles
it’s a miracle we’re alive

(translated by Nik Leshai)